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Train up a child in the way he should go,

and when he is old he will not depart from it

 -Proverbs 22:6 



1. New book coming soon!

A continuation of the first book. Focused on the fruit of the spirit every believer should bring forth.

2. Book Video lessons are coming soon to Saved Home YouTube Channel! 

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Exploring Biblical Essentials Everyone Should Know!


How can you share Biblical doctrine especially to a young heart? Exploring Biblical Essentials Everyone Should Know will guide you through the essential truths of the entire Bible! Starting with the question of who God is and ending with the second coming of Jesus Christ. In just 45 easy-to-read lessons you will have answers to some of life’s most difficult questions that will bring transformation into any life!


Each topic includes the following:

  • Bible verse that can be memorized.

  • Description of the important Biblical doctrine written on a level that even a child’s mind can grasp and apply. 

  • New word to better understand the context.

  • Follow up questions to remember and further explore the main points.

  • Suggested Bible reading as a reference to the topic.

  • Prayer to seal the seed that just has been sown and connect you with the Lord.

  • Stunning illustration helping the reader to visualize, remember and apply the truth to everyday life.  


The book size (8.5”X11”) and large text size has been made comfortable for the purpose to have children, parents, and even grandparents be able to pick up and read at any time. Great for individuals of all ages and for any group size whether it be a devotional family time, Bible study group, Sunday school class, homeschool, daycare, various outreach ministries and others! 


Buying this book will also help us give it as a gift to orphanage homes, disabled children and new believers worldwide, bringing hope and making an everlasting impact on another soul!


Exploring Biblical Essentials Everyone Should Know!

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